In the summer of 2016, the new Italian Premier League season kicked off.

After two weeks of thrilling clashes, the first leg of the final saw a clash between Juve and AC Milan.

The teams played out in front of a crowd of 22,000, with the scoreline at 1-1.

The Italians, having lost 3-1 to AC Milan in the Champions League, knew their Champions League place was on the line.

They were going to need to perform to maintain their standing in the league.

They knew that, so they went all out.

Juve had a few things going for them.

They had a fantastic squad, the likes of Mario Balotelli and Simone Zaza were among the best in the world, and they were undefeated.

AC Milan, however, had just won the league, with a record of 22-4.

They won the title by a very narrow margin, and Juve, in particular, had to work extremely hard to keep pace with them.

For some reason, though, AC Milan were not in the mood to listen to their coach.

After the game, Alessandro Del Piero and Massimiliano Allegri were overheard talking to one another about their respective squads.

Allegri was saying that the best thing to do was to go all out for the second leg, while Del Pieros was telling his players that it would be a waste of time to make the same mistakes twice in a row.

The next day, after Milan’s match against Bologna, Del Piera was asked by reporters what he thought about the second match.

“I thought we won because we showed character, but then we had to show that character in the third leg,” he replied.

“That was the reason why we lost 3 to 1.

In the first game we were really strong.

We had a lot of power, but in the second we didn’t have that power.”

It wasn’t just about the style of play.

Juve’s manager was also a fan of the style and style of the Italian team, and Del Pierazzi had a particular affection for the players.

“We wanted to be able to dominate in the first half,” he said.

“If we were to win 2-1 we would have to win 3-2 and then play for the title.

That was the plan.

I think it worked out really well.”

But now we know that we need to be more active in the offensive zone. “

In the first match, we were too passive.

But now we know that we need to be more active in the offensive zone.

And we did that.

It was a good win.”

While Juve had lost the first meeting 3-0, they were able to pull off the victory with a 3-3 draw in the return leg.

However, after the match, Allegri had a different opinion of the game.

“It was a very good result, but it was not what we wanted,” he explained.

“What I was worried about was that they were going all in on the second goal, and we were not.

We didn’t play the ball well enough, and when we had the ball we didn’t have a chance.

We lost the game because we didn'”t defend well enough.”

“The first goal was not very good, and in the last minute we didn”t defend at all well enough. “

No, I didn’t think we did enough in the final second,” he told reporters.

“The first goal was not very good, and in the last minute we didn”t defend at all well enough.

We conceded a goal that was dangerous because they could score it.

We were fortunate that they did not score a goal.

“The Bianconeri also had the option of changing their tactics for the first time in the tournament, and so they did.

The change came when they made a change in the lineup against AC Milan that resulted in Alessandro Marotta making his return from injury.

After losing his place to Marotta, Alessio Pereira came in as a right-back, and while Marotta had played in a defensive role, Pereira played as a left-back.

The first half was played in typical Juve fashion, with Juve having the ball in the air and being the team that was going to dominate.

It wasn’t until the end of the first period that Juve began to put pressure on AC Milan’s midfield.

Juves left winger Simone Zola headed the ball over the line, and Alessandro del Piero was unable to deal with the pace of the Italy international.

“He was playing at the wrong level, and I had to cover him with my back to him. “

Zola’s goal was a mistake,” explained Del Pieroo.

“He was playing at the wrong level, and I had to cover him with my back to him.

He played the ball through me, and then I had no choice but

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