The NFL is making a lot of money right now.

The league has already earned $13.4 billion this season, up from $12.3 billion in 2015, and $8.3 million in 2014, according to data from sports-data firm SportsBusiness Journal.

But if you consider that last year’s earnings were even higher, it’s not that surprising to see the league make more money this year.

The most lucrative spot on the league’s $5.8 billion salary cap is the “salary cap,” where players earn a guaranteed salary for the first year of their career, plus a percentage of their total contract.

Players with fewer years on their deals earn less, but the league has a lot more cap space this year than last year.

That’s because the cap is $63.5 million, up $6 million from last year, and the salary cap will increase by $8 million from this year, according a source familiar with the numbers.

The increase means that the league will have $18.3-million more in cap space to spend next season.

Forbes estimated that the NFL will make $22.8 million in 2017, up about $7 million from 2016.

That is because the salary-cap increase means the league can now spend more money in free agency, a source told ESPN.

The biggest salary-spending spot is the quarterback position, which is the most expensive in the league, according the company.

The salary cap for quarterbacks is $11.9 million, a $1.6 million increase from last season.

That means the NFL could potentially be on the hook for about $30 million in cap room this year if it signs a quarterback.

Other notable salary-gap earners include the running back position, where $9.8 or $9 million is expected to be made this year from the $6.7 million the league is expecting to spend on DeMarco Murray.

The running back salary cap has already jumped by $6-million, and this year it will rise $6 to $10.3M.

The salary-tax figure for running backs is $5 million in 2018, up to $6-$8 million this season.

The number is likely to go up again, with the $10 million increase expected this year in order to increase the tax-free amount players are able to keep from making more than $5-million a year.

Players that make more than that salary will have their tax-deductible salaries taxed at 15 percent, while players that make less than $4-million are exempt.

The NFLPA has not yet announced how much it will be willing to pay players to stay on the roster this season in order for them to remain in the top tier of salaries.

If they are unable to reach an agreement with the league before the start of the regular season, players will have until the end of the season to be cut.

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