Microsoft is trying to convince people to use its new suite of Office products.

A few months ago, a spokesperson told a Canadian newspaper, “You’re going to need to upgrade your Office 365 subscription.”

Now, Microsoft is offering a special offer.

For $1,200 a year, Microsoft’s Office 365 suite includes a suite of new products, including a new online tool for managing documents, new collaboration features, and new video tools.

The software will also become available in Canada.

And the offer is limited to a limited time.

You can sign up to the free subscription starting July 1, 2018, to get it now.

This is not the first time Microsoft has offered a new suite in the past year.

It’s also offering a new version of the software in 2018.

And earlier this year, it also launched a new business suite called OneDrive for Business.

But these are all standalone products.

They’re all built on top of Microsoft Office 365.

The new suite includes some of the same features as Office 365, including the ability to access your documents from your phone, the ability for people to manage documents in multiple ways, and more.

But Microsoft is focusing on Office 365 in Canada, so you’ll need to pay for the full suite.

It also includes a number of new features, including new online tools that help people manage documents faster and better.

But it also adds a new video tool called “visualise” that lets people create and share videos with colleagues in collaboration.

This new feature has been a huge success.

Microsoft says that the video tool helps people organize their documents better.

It can be used to create an online archive, create a custom video, and even create videos that can be shared with colleagues on a team.

But, Microsoft says, “visualising” also gives you the ability “to view and edit the contents of documents, in the same way that people can now do so with a video.”

For example, if you want to make a video of a meeting, you can drag and drop the video onto the video viewer.

If you want your team to collaborate on a presentation, you’ll see an image of the presentation in the video.

Microsoft also says that people will be able to work together with the same content that they have in Office 365 on all devices, even if they’re on different devices.

So, you won’t be limited to one device or one platform when you sign up for the new suite.

You will be allowed to use any device, and all of your documents will be available to everyone.

Microsoft is also giving you the opportunity to “share documents from any one device and on any device with anyone on the team.”

You’ll also be able “to share a document to any team member.”

This includes anyone who is on a personal computer, whether they’re using a laptop, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

You’ll have the option to upload your documents to any of your colleagues on the same device.

It’ll also allow you to share your documents “with friends, colleagues, family, or colleagues from your company, whether you’re in your own organization or not.”

This is one of the biggest changes Microsoft has made to the Office suite in years.

Previously, you could only access documents from people on the local team, or with a remote team.

Now, you will be given the option of sharing your documents with all of the people on your team.

Microsoft has also made some other important changes to the way you use Office 365 that make it more accessible.

The company says that you’ll be able, through the new Office portal, to access documents you have stored on your Microsoft OneDrive, on Microsoft OneNote, on Outlook, on, or in the cloud.

You should also be seeing more of the “infrastructure” of Office 365: You will now see an Office ribbon for your office.

The ribbon will show a list of the documents you’ve opened, where they are, and what files you’ve uploaded.

If there’s something that you don’t see on your local team or in your organization, you should be able see it on the ribbon.

Also, Microsoft has started showing you your calendar events, which are also available in the Office 365 portal.

You won’t see these in the new web interface, but you can now see them by going to the calendar and clicking the green “Events” link at the top right.

This brings you back to the office, and shows the events that have happened in your calendar.

Microsoft will also be letting you “share” documents on Facebook.

Previously only people on Microsoft Teams could share documents.

Now people on Teams can share documents, too.

Microsoft’s new Office 365 features also make it easier to manage and collaborate on documents.

Microsoft now has a new “Share” button at the bottom of the ribbon that lets you share documents with other people on a Team.

Microsoft can also show you what other

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