The triangle bathing suit is designed to be a modern-day version of a classic bathing suit, but it has become the latest fad in the industry.

This trend started back in 2009 when fashion designer David Bowie, then just a college student, launched a collection of skinny-fit suits, complete with a collar, buttonholes, and a long, slim waist.

The suits, which included the triangular design, became an instant hit, and they went on to be popular with other celebrities like Rihanna, whose popular song “Triangle” has featured a silhouette similar to the triangular suit.

In 2011, the suit was given a major makeover with a new collar and buttonholes.

Since then, the design has continued to gain popularity, especially among men who are looking to try out new suits.

In this photo taken on January 24, 2017, men walk into a New York City-based fashion boutique on New Year’s Eve.

A new version of the triangle bathing vest has been popular among men in the United States for years.

The triangle suit was the latest trend to go viral in recent years.

This photo taken December 3, 2017 shows a man wearing a triangle bathing shirt at a boutique in New York.

The new version is more masculine, and the collar is now more pronounced, as well as the length of the waist.

This image was taken by Jessica Buesseler, who has been wearing a triangular suit for the past few years, and is pictured wearing one at right.

The suit has been on the rise in recent months, as the number of men looking to make a change in style have grown.

However, the new design hasn’t been the only trend on the minds of men.

The triangular suit also has been gaining popularity among women as well, particularly when it comes the collar.

This shirt shows the collar of a woman wearing a traditional triangle suit.

While the collar on the traditional triangle has been in use for decades, many men are using the collar to signify the absence of a man.

This man, whose collar is almost vertical, has worn a triangular bath suit for years, according to Instagram user @gigasmash.

The collar is so pronounced that it makes it look as though he has a long beard.

A man wears a triangle bath suit at a fashion boutique in the U.K. on January 4, 2017.

A triangle bathing outfit can be a fashion statement, but sometimes it’s just an added perk for men to wear to the beach or get in the sun.

This model walks into a boutique on December 2, 2017 in New Delhi.

The trend has been a hot topic of discussion in India since 2017, when a series of incidents occurred in the country involving rape and death threats, and it was even discussed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the country in March 2018.

However the popularity of the triangular bathing suit has taken off in the West as well.

In 2018, a New Jersey man was arrested after allegedly posting a photo of himself with a bikini in an Instagram post.

A British man was detained for several days after he posted a photo on Instagram of himself holding a triangle bikini, which he was wearing while walking down a London street in February 2018.

A French man posted a video of himself wearing a shirt with a triangle on it on the same day.

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