By MICHAEL J. KLAUSAPChicago residents in the heart of the city may be in for a big change when they arrive in the city from elsewhere, a change that many of them say is unprecedented.

The new Chicago-style homes are being marketed as a way to bring the neighborhood back to life after the Great Recession.

The new styles, which have sprung up in the past two years, have caught the attention of a new generation of Chicagoans who are more interested in the neighborhood’s past, not the current cityscape.

The Chicago-inspired houses have a wide range of architectural styles, including a classic, modern, gothic or Gothic revival look, with an emphasis on the fireplace.

But many people are now finding their way to the new styles with the new style trend being a big draw for Chicagoans seeking something different from the more typical homes they might see in other cities.

Some homeowners, who want to maintain a sense of place but also enjoy the luxury of living close to nature, are taking a closer look at what makes Chicago’s homes unique.

Others are trying to take a more casual approach and look for homes that appeal to those looking for a change from the city’s urban living.

It’s not a new trend.

But this new look has the potential to change the way people see Chicago, said Lisa DeBruyn, president of the Chicago-based American Heritage Association.

“I think that people who have been around the country for a long time are going to look at Chicago as a place that is a lot different than they used to think,” DeBruckyn said.

Many of the homes in the new trend are small, with a courtyard and garden inside.

And some have features that can be found in more traditional suburban homes, like a central staircase or a fireplace.

DeBrucky said people will be able to walk in and see a house, not have to think about it.

“The fact that you’re in a house that is in the middle of a city and not in the center of the world, that’s really exciting,” she said.

“People are going out there and going to do things that they’ve never done before.”

Some Chicagoans are even turning to new technology to help them create their new homes.

People can now download a free app that lets them check out the latest trends on homes and make quick changes.

“When I get my phone, I don’t really have to spend as much time thinking about it,” said one person who bought a new house in an upscale neighborhood.

He’s not even sure what type of decor he wants.

“It’s like the internet of things,” he said.

“People want to be able just to look around, to go on Instagram and look at houses and see what they can do.

That’s really cool,” said another buyer.”

They don’t have to know how to fix the water heater or what the plumbing is like,” said a woman who lives in a home in a trendy neighborhood.

“It’s really a fun time.”

Chicagoans also can look at homes that are close to the lakefront and enjoy a fresh, sunny day.

A woman who lived in the suburb of Chicago’s Lincoln Park said she bought a home there last year, a house she has been eyeing ever since.

“We wanted to make sure that we would be able be close to a lakefront house,” she explained.

The home has two bedrooms, a master bedroom and two bathrooms.

It has a balcony with a view of the lake.

It is located in a neighborhood with many lakes, including the one that is home to Lake Michigan.

De Brucky is not the only person to be exploring the new trends.

The Chicago Cultural Council is holding a competition to design a new Chicago home.

They are also looking at designs for new Chicago houses that include a fireplace, a patio and a view from the backyard.

The contest is open to all ages, but residents have to show they are up to date on their homes.

The council also is looking at new home styles, such as a new kitchen or a new bathtub.

It’s encouraging people to explore the new homes, DeBuck said.

The city has been experimenting with new housing trends for some time, said Mike Grier, executive director of the Cultural Council.

The city’s Housing Department is working with the architecture and planning departments to develop design guidelines and standards for new housing.

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