Tom Ford has been in the news recently for a couple of different reasons.

First, the company has been sued for alleged discrimination against women.

The suits accuse the company of failing to hire enough women and making a lot of the company’s products sexist.

But it also faces criticism for its business practices, including its hiring practices.

In February, the New York Times wrote about the suits, saying it was “disappointed” that the company was still not hiring more women.

“The suits are a direct reflection of the way women are viewed and treated in the workplace,” the Times wrote.

“This case raises important questions about Tom Fords culture and practices and the company needs to take a stand to address them.”

Tom Ford was sued over discrimination on the basis of gender by three women in the 1970s, one of whom is named as the only female on the company board.

Tom Ford had been the subject of several lawsuits over the years, but none of those cases had been successful.

The company settled all of them in 2015, and in a statement, Tom Ford said that it “has no plans to seek an injunction to prevent the women from coming forward with their stories.”

In addition, in November, the Los Angeles Times reported that women were being hired as part of Tom Ford hiring practices in the United States.

This was a change from past years, when men were hired in a similar fashion, but not all women were hired.

In 2015, Tom Fox, the founder of Tom Fox Group, told CNN that the hiring practices were “not sexist, they’re just not a big deal.”

Tom Fox also told the Times that the suits are not about “women in the field, they are about men.”

This statement was a reversal from previous years, where women in particular were often blamed for “troubling” Tom Ford.

But the suit also made clear that Tom Ford is not interested in being sued.

It also said that Tom Fox has never worked with Tom Ford on any issue related to employment, including the hiring of women.

But that doesn’t mean that women who work at the company don’t feel uncomfortable when they speak up about discrimination.

Tom Fox told CNN in December that Tom’s statement had been misunderstood.

“He’s never said that women don’t get to be at the table, or that women aren’t part of the process,” he said.

“And that’s what we’ve been talking about for the last several months, not how we’re hiring.”

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