This year’s trial of the millennium has been marked by a number of new revelations about the trials of the past century.

First, the trial of Joseph Stalin, who was hanged for treason in 1948, is being held on charges that he murdered thousands of people.

The second is the trial against Nazi war criminals, including war criminal Hermann Goering, which was the subject of a sensational trial in 2015.

Third, a former US official has accused the Bush administration of trying to destroy the evidence that the 9/11 attacks were planned by Al Qaeda.

A new book claims that the Bush White House tried to assassinate the director of the FBI, James Comey, in 2007.

Now, the book “Trial,” by US journalist Brian Stelter, has raised new questions about the JFK assassination, which is being commemorated this year.

It was published in April and has sparked intense debate over whether the US government is actually guilty of killing JFK and why.

Read more: US president is charged in JFK assassination caseThe US government maintains that it is innocent of any role in JFK’s murder, and has pointed to the assassination of the former US president, John F Kennedy, as a key reason for its conviction.

The book, which has sparked a backlash, claims that on September 22, 1963, the president of the United States, Lyndon Johnson, spoke to the Joint Chiefs of Staff about the assassination and ordered the CIA to gather evidence about the plot.

The CIA’s investigation of the plot, called Project Cassandra, was eventually concluded by President John F. Kennedy.

The CIA’s inquiry of the JFK murder was a major intelligence failure, Stelters book says, and the government’s cover-up of the event, and its subsequent cover-ups of other key facts, has been so widespread that no one knows for sure what actually happened on that fateful night in Dallas on September 11, 1963.

According to the book, Lyndon’s top deputy, Robert McFarlane, briefed the president about the CIA’s plans to gather the evidence and asked the president to take it up with Johnson.

Johnson reportedly agreed, but the plan was not acted upon.

The president told the CIA that he did not want to go public with his plan, and instead asked for a delay, according to the author.

According the book’s account, Johnson asked Johnson to delay the plot by three weeks, saying that the information he wanted to gather was classified and that he wanted it in a secure place.

However, the plot was delayed for a week, according the book.

According to Stelts account, the CIA told Johnson the plot had been stopped.

Johnson then told the FBI to keep it secret.

The story has drawn criticism from some in the intelligence community, who believe Johnson’s decision to keep the plot secret was motivated by fear that the FBI would be compromised if it did not get the information the president wanted.

“The President was scared that the Bureau would be in jeopardy,” former FBI director Louis Freeh told the New York Times.

“He did not trust the Bureau to be able to get that information without his cooperation.”

“Trial” is based on an investigative series that Stelting compiled for Stelzing’s new book, “Nixon, the War and the Killing.”

The series was published last month and is described as “a scathing portrait of Nixon’s relationship with the CIA, the FBI and the Justice Department,” Stelten said in a statement.

“I hope that people will now look at what happened in Dallas as part of the larger story of how Nixon’s administration, which the public was not allowed to see until the mid-1970s, turned a blind eye to the CIA and FBI conducting a cover-it-up and murder.”

“Nixon’s White House was determined to conceal the truth from the American people, and I believe that that’s why the cover-Up continues to be a key part of this story,” he added.

“Trying to destroy JFK is a crime against the American public and against the truth.

I hope that anyone who is willing to look at the evidence of the conspiracy and the coverup will come to the conclusion that it’s time for a new trial.”

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