The United States ranks #2 in the world in the number of cases of people getting colds and chills from hot tub use, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The numbers are startling given that the U.S. ranks fourth in the World Health Organization’s list of 100 countries that have the lowest rates of people contracting coronavirus.

But a new study published Thursday in the journal Science also suggests the U,S.

is lagging behind other developed countries when it comes to how people get and transmit the virus.

The new data shows the number who get chills and colds from hot water alone increased by nearly 60% in the Us.

The CDC reports that as of Thursday, more than 15.2 million Americans had been infected with the coronaviruses coronaviral, dengue and yellow fever.

In comparison, the U has about 4.3 million people infected, according the CDC.

“In general, the incidence of coronavirence in the United States is higher than in other countries, but we are a relatively new country and we are not quite as developed as other countries,” said Dr. Robert Spitzer, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, in a statement.

“We do not have enough data to say definitively that the United, as a country, has had the most effective vaccination programs.

It is also important to remember that our vaccine has been underfunded, that we have not had as much as we would like to get, and that we do not currently have enough available medical care.

We have to continue to get better at the best vaccine available to us.”

In addition to chills, the new data also showed that the number receiving a flu vaccine has gone down.

More than 13.6 million Americans have been vaccinated since October 2014.

The latest figures, however, suggest the number is not nearly as high as it might have been.

According to CDC data, about 4% of people who got the flu vaccine in 2016 had a fever and the CDC said the rate of that rate going up to 6.5% was lower than the previous year.

However, the flu season is only about five weeks old and the vaccine is still not widely available.

The U.N. agency for emergency preparedness said in a Wednesday statement that the numbers reported by the CDC are not an indication of a widespread flu pandemic.

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