The polo shirt has become synonymous with polo, and now the answer is “they don’t exist”.

They are in fact, shirts made by Adidas, and we don’t even know what they are, except for a name. 

Polo shirts are not a new phenomenon, or even a product that exists. 

In the 1950s, Polo shirts were introduced in China as a way to differentiate between different types of people. 

The shirts are usually worn by athletes who want to appear cool, and are usually made from cotton and wool, but sometimes cotton and polyester are used. 

“There is a lot of demand in China for these products, and the demand is great,” Adidas VP of Global Product Marketing John Hoch told TechCrunch. 

Hoch says there is a huge demand for the shirts, but that the company has been hard at work to find a solution to the lack of a design. 

It took six years to find one that was really comfortable, he said. 

Adidas partnered with Chinese fashion designer Wu Shouyi to create a new version of the shirt, which was made in a Chinese factory and has a more relaxed fit. 

Wu’s shirts are actually a new way of making polo clothing, but Adidas didn’t have the time or resources to create them. 

For now, Adidas is focusing on polo apparel in the United States, but it’s looking to make polo gear for other markets. 

We have a feeling Adidas is looking to start producing polo shoes in the US as well.

“We are definitely going to continue to work with brands in other markets to make them more accessible and accessible for people to wear,” Hoch said.

“It’s an important part of our portfolio.

We are really excited about the potential of polo in the future.” 

This article originally appeared on TechCrunch here.

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