By Andrew TaitThe beekeeper suits have long been the stuff of legend and myth, but the suit is getting its first big test this year as the first major crop of commercially available suits are to be released.

Key points:The beekeepers suit is designed to be worn under a maskThe suit has been developed by the Australian Beekeepers AssociationIt is expected to cost between $30,000 to $60,000US$1,500 to $2,000Australian beekeepers say they have already spent $20 million on suits for the past few yearsThe suits will be produced by the beekeepers association and will be designed to keep bees healthy and healthy bees, according to a news release.

The suits are designed to help the bees feel more comfortable when they are outside and they are also designed to reduce the amount of time they spend outside.

They are designed with a simple design, which is meant to be easily adapted for a variety of situations.

The beekeeping association is already planning to produce the suits at the same time as the new legislation comes into effect.

Key point: The beekeepers suits will help bees feel comfortable when out and aboutThe suits have been developed in collaboration with Australian beekeepersThe suits use sensors that measure the amount and type of pollen and other organic matter a beekeeper has collected and will also detect levels of other chemicals, including pesticide residues.

“The bee keeper is one of the most iconic people in the world and a person who will be part of this generation for a very long time, said Mark Horsburgh, the president of the Australian beekeeping industry body.”

He’s seen and heard a lot of things over the years and I think the suit really reflects the fact that he has been there.

“There are a lot more beekeepers in Australia now than ever before and we want to help them.”

The suits contain an array of sensors that can be worn on the face and back of the suit and a range of sensors on the neck, neck, wrists and wristbands.

The suit is expected be available in the second half of 2019.AAP

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