Kohls has partnered with the US Department of Defense to develop bulletproof bathing suits for US troops.

The suits, which are made from a material called neoprene, are designed to withstand bullet fragments, and will be available for purchase for US military personnel in the near future.

They are also a boon for those in the UK, where the government is looking at a bulletproof-style suit that can withstand bullets from roadside bombs.

A bullet-resistant bulletproof vest was developed for British troops during the Troubles, but it proved to be impractical due to its bulky design.

The British Army was not able to use it during the Great War, and instead opted for an all-terrain vehicle.

It was eventually replaced by the Humvee in World War II.

Kohls, meanwhile, says the bulletproof bath suits will be a boon to British troops, and are designed for soldiers in both the US and UK.

“Our suit is a combination of neoprobes, which absorb bullet fragments from the environment, and a bullet-hardened fabric, which resists bullet impacts,” said the company in a statement.

“Our suit features ballistic and shock-absorbing material to provide a bullet proof structure, while also offering a great level of protection from bullets.”

The bulletproof swimming suit also features a bullet deflector, which will deflect bullets off of the wearer’s body and away from their heads, Kohls said.

It is currently available in a limited-edition model.

“The bulletproof swimsuit is a complete security measure for all troops, from the smallest of troops to the largest of troops, for their comfort and protection during military exercises,” the company said.

“We believe the bullet-repellent fabric will make it easier for the soldiers in the field to protect themselves from enemy bullets.

This will enable them to concentrate on the tasks they are trained to do.”

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